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Dynamic Preparation

Multi Green – Combined unit

Food processor with two main functions for the food preparation: a vegetable cutter with a feed arm and a cutter with the 3 litre bowl with a transparent lid.

Combined unit with vegetable hopper and stainless steel cutter equipment + ejector and 4 plates. Speed of rotation 1500 rpm.

K25 – Table mounted cutter mixer

Table mounted cutter mixer, 2,5 litre capacity with stainless steel bowl and a single speed of 1500 rpm. Supplied with smooth blade rotor

Speedy Mixer

Handheld mixer with stainless steel tube. To be used directly in stew pots, even during cooking. Motor unit and tube can be easily removed without tools to facilitate cleaning. Incorporates a convenient grip for less fatigue. Single speed:

15000rpm. Portable mixer with stainless steel tube 200 mm

TRK – Combined cutter/vegetable slicer

4.5 litre capacity cutter-slicer. New Incly System to maintain an inclined base when using the vegetable slicer attachment. Stainless steel cutter bowl with
transparent lid. Supplied with scraper/emulsifier to prepare everything from meats to creams. Flat and waterproof control panel. Pulse function for cutting. Variable speed from 300 to 3700 rpm.

TRS – Vegetable slicer

For restaurants and caterers handling up to 400 meals per sitting. More than 70 different types of slices. Angled base (20°). Large round hopper (215cm2).

High discharge zone for GN containers (up to 20cm). Waterproof control panel. Pulse control for precise slicing.