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Implementation of Redzebra – Service System

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We have used the downtime of so many temporary closures to implement a new system within the office, which all three-admin staff now have in full swing.  The system is called Redzebra and allows the customers access to view any jobs they have logged with us for a small one-off fee; however, this fee is not mandatory.  It is a ‘REAL TIME’ system which allows the job sheets to be sent direct from site and means the admin staff can have this logged and invoiced very quickly.  The aim is to have quotes provided within 48 hours and once approved, any parts required can be ordered on the same day.  With a simple glance, our office-based staff can see any reports made by engineers, costings and can also provide engineers with up-to-date asset lists.  To allow this to work to its best, we simply ask that when requesting an engineer to attend a job we are provided with as much information as you can supply such as make, model, serial number and location of the equipment.  When you update the equipment within your business it also helps us if you let us know so we can amend the asset list connected to your site.  This information allows us to send an engineer who is fully prepared for the job with the aim of achieving a first-time fix.

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